MP3 insights using Python

After completing few courses on Numpy & Pandas, it was necessary to apply the training in some way. Among the 2, Pandas operates in familiar grounds – similar to SQL, I can apply group the columns & make aggregates. But the question is what data should I use? Where should I fetch this data?

The data that I about to use should be personal, so no one can ask me to shut down neither be a confidential one. Revealing a PII is kinda dumb. Then on one fine morning while showering, the thought strikes me – why not to fetch the ID3 tags from MP3s that we listen, and make something out of it. The plan is to use some Python module to fetch the tags and load it in Pandas and querying it. So, that’s how it starts.

The actual implementation was fetching the tags from MP3s and saving it in a csv file. Then loading the csv into Pandas dataframe. This dataframe acts as a SQL table for me. On this table we ran few counts & group by’s to get the insights.

Total number of columns 112
Average length of the songs that I hear 5 : 48 mins
On average the ALbum was released on 2011
Tracks are spread across 67 Albums
These songs are composed by 30 Composers
Top composers are Yuvan Shankar Raja A.R.Rahman Anirudh Ravichander

The code is available in GitHub repo. The code base is not completed, yet. Should add more details under ReadMe file and dependencies are to be added.



Gotham. If you can’t recognize the name at once, quit reading this further. Gotham – TV series on life of the city before the advent of the caped crusader – the  Batman. This write-up is in no way a review.

The Batman universe has numerous interesting characters heroes, civilians contributing to the city, villains, super-villains and whatnot. Upon the arrival the Batman, every villains got their ass kicked with the help of the city police commissioner – James Gordon. He is honest among the corrupt cops and helps out the Dark Knight in fighting for the city. There are bad people who wants to cause havoc to the city – Penguin, the Riddler, Falcone and his gangsters, Joker, Hugo Strange, Poison Ivy and so on. How do they came to the place? What are their history? Why are they doing it? The series helps to find answer to some of these questions.

The series starts with the death of the Waynes – Thomas & Martha, from Selena Kyle, in future we came to call her, the Cat Woman. Usually in movies like Batman Begins and Batman vs Superman, after death of the parents the son goes through enormous trauma and comes out as the Batman with world-class detective skills, moral compass to not kill anyone even at worst circumstances. However, this as a series have lots of time to explain what young Bruce went through, how he develops the trust with the Commissioner Gordon and back story for almost all the villains. [I’m in the middle of season 2, and yet to see Joker, fan-favorite of the villains].

Interesting thing to note is that Bruce Wayne is dumb as a duck in his younger age. He reveals his billionaire identity in almost all the time and causing trouble to either Selina or Alfred. But he shows brilliance and boldness which we will be seeing in him as a vigilante in his adult life. In one of the episode he is amused seeing how Azrael (re-booted Theo Galavan) takes advantage of darkness. In another, he outlasts a crime boss in a fight only to knock him down at the end. The series is full of easter eggs on how BW became the Batman. What are the politics, ups and downs made Gordon an accomplice to Batman in his adventures.

The series is worth watching as a Batman fan. Don’t expect Batman here, we will get to see Jim Gordon as a hero who strives for the city, trying to keep his promise.

Striving with Contextual speakers

“Are you connected to WiFi?, isn’t it slow?”

First part of above sentence is objectively denotes ‘WiFi’. The second part contextually denotes ‘WiFi’ through the word – ‘it’.

According Merriam-Webster, Context is defined as,

The parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its meaning

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Improving productivity through task rotation

As a norm, a corporate employer mostly assign a task to an employee which he is least suited for. The employer is forced to do the task. say documentation, even though its not at all suited for him.  I’m not saying that documentation is boring thing to do or insignificant thing to do in a project, documentation is not suitable for the guy that we are talking about. Continue reading “Improving productivity through task rotation”

Democracy, a silver bullet?

I’m a big fan of Democratic government. Went to war, in cyber world, with my friends whenever they say Saudi Arabia/China style of government is better than D-government. I’m pro-democracy because I believe in free will of humans.

So far, every dictator has ruled the people, crushed the basic rights in the name of religion, communism, socialism et al. We are not animals to be herded by some dictator. On the other end of spectrum, Continue reading “Democracy, a silver bullet?”

Meme, an irresponsible journalism

We, at-least I, never heard of a word memes, 4 years back. And now-a-days I’m receiving around 10-15 memes everyday through WhatsApp groups and another handful in Facebook pages. The Wikipedia states that it was coined 41 years ago.  With affordable internet and spike in user count, it became Lingua Franca in the Social Media. It’s a living (!!) Continue reading “Meme, an irresponsible journalism”

Political Conundrum & infoSec bleep

In TN, ever since the demise of former CM Jayalalitha, people are actively listening to news and understanding the political affairs.The surprise is the age group(18-35) which were drifted away from political spectrum until recent times, started following the day-to-day affairs. Even the Amit media paid attention after a massive protest in marina. The protest involving more than Million people, was organized through the Social media – Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.

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