Missing the Twicca features, dearly!

During pre-smartphone life, I was using twitter to an extent through the mobile web. It was filled with lots of mis-tweets. Some retweets turns out to be favorites, on trying to unfavorite it will become retweet of some other in the timeline. It was a pain. I thought it’s an inherent bug with twitter mobile web, that way I tolerated the mis-tweets.

After buying the smartphone, one of the first app to get installed is Twicca. The app was introduced to me by an-unknown-friend in the network. The app was feature rich. In my first smartphone, the memory was 150+MB. Cant afford official twitter app. Twicca is a savior at 2-4 MB.

Some of the features are unparallel to any other twitter clients  – shortcut for users/lists. This latter one was one of the most used one, all my websites that regularly follow, celebs and few of my lists are shortcuts in my home screen. During my commute to office I was catching up with the latest updates. Then comes the wide variety of plugins. Few clicks to integrate Buffer, PowerAmp, Evernote, Pocket et al. The last 2 are the most widely used apps. Then with the old mobile and poor 2G connection, its impossible to open a link. Pocket fits in as a bookmark holder. All the links that I want to hold is pocketed.

Icing on the cake, the app is absolutely free. Not even the ads. The software patches were so regular. Being a small app, the update consumes very small chunk of data. I recommended the app to many of my friends.

However, since mid-2015, there were no updates to the app. Meanwhile the Android got upgraded twice. Since then the app became slightly obsolete. Despite the basic functionality, the performance got affected a lot. The pictures are not loading, lists are no longer detected, freezes while opening twitlonger. The shine was last. I switched to official app after 5+ years of loyal usage.

On using the official twitter app for past couple of months, I feel less content. There are no shortcut options, no color filters, accessing lists are not that easier, add to it the large size of the app and always running in the background. I tried contacting the developer, there was no response. This post is small thanksgiving to the app.

Thank you twicca, you’ll be missed, forever.


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