Political Conundrum & infoSec bleep

In TN, ever since the demise of former CM Jayalalitha, people are actively listening to news and understanding the political affairs.The surprise is the age group(18-35) which were drifted away from political spectrum until recent times, started following the day-to-day affairs. Even the Amit media paid attention after a massive protest in marina. The protest involving more than Million people, was organized through the Social media – Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.

It’s almost a month past the protest, still the aftermath is visible. Still political messages are popping up in WA groups. The majority of the people are sharing messages motivated by emotions rather logic or practicality; few of the messages even asked for secession from the Union of India. Another thing worth highlighting is the Cyber awareness among Indians are alarmingly low – my estimate goes to 90% are unaware.

Add the emotional people and low security awareness, it tempts a major security incident.

As feared, this morning, I came across first strike. There is a WA polling going on asking people’s wish on present scene – reelection, governor’s rule or allowing status quo. Looks like yet another survey, but give a second look there are so many things that’s raising flags – usage of Tamil Nadu government’s emblem, no disclosure on who is conducting the survey and mandatory email field. 

The email text box is potentially a booby trap for many. People who trying to submit their choice is unknowingly forced to reveal their emails. You’re asking what’s the big deal with revealing the email, then you’re part of 90% that I mentioned earlier. Least harmful thing to happen could be unwanted email to your inbox -spams, we call. Do spam mail a big deal? – Of courseYes!. For starters please read Spam Nation. You answered to the poll? Congratulation, indirectly you are the reason for future attacks.

Since started following the security attacks, this was the largest email harvesting taking place in this region. Time for us to get educated and create awareness for our peoples.


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