Improving productivity through task rotation

As a norm, a corporate employer mostly assign a task to an employee which he is least suited for. The employer is forced to do the task. say documentation, even though its not at all suited for him.  I’m not saying that documentation is boring thing to do or insignificant thing to do in a project, documentation is not suitable for the guy that we are talking about.

In due course of time, the employee loses all his interest doing Documentation. He will approach his managers to show some pretty on the soul and give something other than Documentation. Then, he sees no changes coming from the management, he starts doing it as there is no way out. Productivity gets hit. He does poorly in the appraisal. Then media starts gossiping that the corporate is about to give pink slip for the poor performers. Our guy got terribly scared. Yet, he don’t find anything else to do. He can do pray, at most. Nothing else.

On one normal day, he gets a technical work, which he is a specialized in. What happens next? He completes the task so fast, that even for him its the fastest time to complete the type of task.  Fear motivates him like no other.  He survives another day in the Corporate or not is totally different story. He was hungry to do what he was good at.

Why not management just assign the people to work in the area what they like in. This way productivity increases, employee can be retained, as he is happily working, the number of bugs injected would be less. Likewise, the management will eventually be happier. Why not the Human resource and SMEs form some council to sort out who is good at what? Won’t it help everyone ?


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