About Me

I am the sole author of this page. You can call me deegee (pronounced as ‘di‘ as in distinct, Jee as in Jeep).

I was born in late late 80s in a small Indian town. Working in a desk job and planning to hit the gym, since I came to know about the existence of Gym.

I usually kill time by watching series/movies, reading books, going through news article or arguing in WhatsApp about politics, gadget, philosophical topics or new actress. I used to be politically left-leaning during my schooling later became center-right.

During my school time, because of my laziness, I prefer avoid writing essays. Now I’m blogging because I like this, I don’t know why. I am an unorganized writer, meaning I don’t have a genre to write upon. Whatever stuff I come across, making me feel worth recording will be blogged.  Mostly it will be filled with my experience.


Feel free to comment on it

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