Hydra aka Online Piracy

In our country, especially in the state of TN, for the last 5-6 decades, film stars are enjoying popularity like no other industry. The box office for the year stands at USD 230M, even though the government regulated price @ $2 or 120/-.  Yet, there is a rampage support for piracy. Why is it so?

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#DelhiDecides. What’s next

According to Wikipedia, it was founded in late 2012. Challenged the grand old party which held its power for several terms. Came second in Delhi’s legislative assembly. Formed a government and dissolving the same within 50 days of power.

Many thought AAP is doomed, so do I. Then after several delays Assembly election held and result announced today. Most of us thought citizens of Delhi must have annoyed by the promising young party and will vote to the national Juggernaut, the BJP. Yet there were some posts in Quora saying that Arvind Kejriwal’s start stint as CM did impacted common people in positive way.

Afer dramatic election, till yesterday, with exit polls survey, every media outlet poited their fingers towards AAP. But no one thought that there would be land-slide victory of capturing 67 off 70 seats thats  96%. So, what’s nect?

First, unlike 2014, they should respect the trust the citizens shown on and stay in the top for 5 years. Bring in Jan Lokpal bill. Show us that Politicians can be honest as well

Second, they should not dream capturing the Parliament in the next election. Instead the promises should be fulfilled. Once you proved your worth, people from rest of India will embrace your party. As the power is provided, prove yourself.

Third, as the Hindu’s campaign says, Behave yourself, we the youth are watching, apparently with lots of hope.

Three things to look out for

Past decade has been went by behind the smartphone. Pervious one was driven by Internet boom and startups which eventually altering our financial demographies.
Like wise, the next decade would be all about the following three things which are at nascent stage now.

Imagine you are entering your home after you have a long exhausting day. As it’s a late evening lights turned on then your favorite music starts playing. Geyser gets you warm water. Of course, the mobile phone goes to silent mode.
But, how did these all happen? And who triggered ’em??
You. Yea, this is just a sample functionality of IoT, expanding to Internet of Things. Lets see how these things happen in a chain. Already we are surrounded by way too many gadgets. Your smartphone knows how much busy you are assisted by the smart wearables – Watch/ring or both. They know where you’re and connects with your home network and tigers rest of the stuffs.
Sounds fictitious? Phillips Hue is already here. But right now it’s little costly, similar to how Smartphones were couple of years back. On similar lines, IoT will be affordable in a couple of years. Still doubting? Already Google bought Nest, a startup for home automation and Apple too going for home automation. Apart from these Corporate giants, Arduino and Raspberry pi are getting popular among developers. To reap in the wealth, Microsoft and IBM came up with Galileo and Edison. Now, the ball is in developers mind, err court.
Big data
Already there are enough leaders in market competing to mine your data. For the uninitiated, Google Hadoop. Even though there is healthy competition, there are still hella lot of data to mine. So, what it would be like to have a real life application of BD. Ever fascinated about Google Now, if not go use it. Get yourself fascinated. It makes use of google search, gmail, calendar and browsing data. GNow getting it’s data from Virtual life. But what about real world things? How well it would be to mine data from  IoT. Gigs and gigs of data is available to exploit, ahem use. Again developers are the kings. Data mining depends limited to their imagination.
Information security
Your having a inter connected devices laying golden eggs in the form of data. Will you leave it unprotected?  Already there are enough hacks taking place. Credit card pounds getting exposed, mail id for exposed with password, and don’t forget Fappening (didn’t heard it, ask Google ). Hence, to support either or both of them to exist, ISec is extremely necessary.

So, what I am trying to conclude? Nothing. But my perception about future needs to be recorded in some place so word pressed . Thanks for reading.

Smart wearables – What to expect in coming days

Last week Google released slew of things from Android L to Android Auto, Android TV to Android watches.

Of the above things, Android watches aka wearable tech is an interesting one. According to the Big-G, the watch and Android phone are mutually connected – you can view/dismiss your phone’s notification from your wrist and unlock your phone without password if you have the watch nearby. This is just developer’s preview edition and so there would be loads of features are yet to swarm into the market. The below post could be true in coming future.

Upside – Arrival Internet of things

The much awaited Internet of things will be available. As this Google they would be cheaper and just like Smartphone revolution there will be scores of manufacturers developing their own version of Internet powered things.  In coming years, Smart-home utilities will be introduced where-in you can simply unlock your home just by going near-by rather than keying the door. Lights, Speakers, Air Conditioners will be running as soon as you enter in.

There wont be any need for taking ticket for travelling in the subway. Just have your watch connect with the nearby NFC and book a ticket for you. You are visiting a new place you are comfortable if some one guides you through? Forget it. Google Now will be your guide from now on. You are in crowded place, scared of mobile snatchers? Watch will guide you through using integrated Maps.

Planning for a shopping, on entering a mall your smarties will connect with the mall and guide you through to avail the best offer in the place. Also, Google Ads will be swarming in. You should be ready to walk across ’em.

Downside – Privacy, Privacy and Privacy

Historically, Google is known for opening the doors for the third party developers. This was working fine till date. Being a supporter for Bazaar-like development over Cathedral model, I like their approach. But recent turn happenings are not-so positive. What if some manufacturer comes with few additions to the watch, say Camera or Microphone. Also, some guy start developing a new OS for wearables forking from Google’s version?

Every other person you meet in the wild could potentially be taking a snap or recording your words, that too in stealth-mode. Everyone surrounding you would be a James Bond prying into your private space. For celebs the privacy intrusion will get amplified several times. We hear several celebs travel in the public with disguise. But what if an app developed to identify a person in disguise with the help from some new technology.

Eventually, some Governments may ban the wearables. Signal Jammers would be found in every other shops.

Things to-do for Google

Hey Google, I am one of your loyal fan. The downside I posted above is the worst-case that could be reality if there are no steps are taken to control the fragmentation of Android and a much coveted Kill-switch.

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