Striving with Contextual speakers

“Are you connected to WiFi?, isn’t it slow?”

First part of above sentence is objectively denotes ‘WiFi’. The second part contextually denotes ‘WiFi’ through the word – ‘it’.

According Merriam-Webster, Context is defined as,

The parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its meaning

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Improving productivity through task rotation

As a norm, a corporate employer mostly assign a task to an employee which he is least suited for. The employer is forced to do the task. say documentation, even though its not at all suited for him.  I’m not saying that documentation is boring thing to do or insignificant thing to do in a project, documentation is not suitable for the guy that we are talking about. Continue reading “Improving productivity through task rotation”

Democracy, a silver bullet?

I’m a big fan of Democratic government. Went to war, in cyber world, with my friends whenever they say Saudi Arabia/China style of government is better than D-government. I’m pro-democracy because I believe in free will of humans.

So far, every dictator has ruled the people, crushed the basic rights in the name of religion, communism, socialism et al. We are not animals to be herded by some dictator. On the other end of spectrum, Continue reading “Democracy, a silver bullet?”

I should have said that

25th May, Circa 2015 AD.  Received few texts.

Hi dheepak

Hw r u ??

Had dinner??

I received it at 11pm.

Who is this?

Do you know me?

Next morning.

Gud morning dheepak..

Of course..u too know me very well

Give me your name

I shall give you a clue.. 

R u in shifts?

Enough playing.

Give me one reason why I shouldn’t block you.

And this is how it all started. Went on. Continued for more than a year. Felt good. Butterflies did flapped their wings. Bliss. She was a friend and mentor. Advised me out of bad times. Wonderful in sharing the pain points. For me she is more than a friend or lover.

Enjoyed the feeling. I was always expecting a text. All other messages are junk in my eyes, even the one from the banks that’s holding my salary. I regularized my dinner timing so it matches her free time, to have a call, to speak about I don’t know what I was speaking. Cubicle. Lobby. Cafeteria. Corridor. Night cab. Local train. Bus. Terrace. Almost everywhere I was in call. It was STD call, bit more pricey, who cares. But never revealed what I felt. Only fear I had in revealing what I felt was the thought that what if she stopped all the contacts once I proposed.

She got marriage proposal. Later married. I was invited. I went on, attended the marriage. All I wanted is that she wanted to be happy. Also, I wanted to speak with her. To stay in contact with her.

However, post marriage, there was no call. No replies. She entered into some cave may be. If I had known this is what going to happen then, I would have said that.

Couple of things that went unnoticed

Last July marks the Quadrennial year working in an MNC. These years had taught me several valuable lessons. Learnt either from first-hand experience or learning from others action. What I learnt is that our fundamentals are flawed as several important things are not taught at young age.

There are  2 important things that must be included in curriculum.

Career vs. Job : In earlier generation, its pride to be working with an employer for long duration (say, in terms years or decades). I have part of several farewells where in people will be treated well for part of the establishment and retiring is like a big event.  That was the day in past. I don’t come across those celebration in recent times. One of my team mate, recently joined states that this is his 5th employer in 8 years. In this 8-year-long career he has been working with several domain and several tools.

On comparing with similar person who stayed with a my employer, he is getting 30-40% more, the number is result of approx. calculation. That’s really good to have higher pay. During the course of job-hoping, he was made to work with many tools/domain. However, exposure to the individual things/domain is relatively low. Simply put he is jack of many trades. We can’t expect him to be a master.

Without specialization, after eight years is not good for his career. Yet, his job is comparatively well ahead. So, what do we need to give importance to Job or Career? We have to decide. To do so, there should be a keen awareness to differentiate and correlate.

Wealth vs Income: We are all educated to solve problems – mathematical, engineering or digital problems. But almost everyone sucks at solving financial problems.

Financial intelligence is THE most powerful asset.Robert Kiyosaki

The reason is we are not aware of the difference between income and wealth. Am I qualified to say it? Yes. I am qualified, only after reading the Rich dad Poor dad. What I am trying to convey is we are paid a hefty amount and we think ourselves good enough of the fat check. Income is the one that you work for and wealth is the one that works for you. We ignore the wealth, we end-up bankrupt any day. But in reality, many of my colleagues (of my age group) considers investment as an overhead. Their argument is “I am getting paid. Why to think about distant future”. I will say this is an ignorance at its best.

Power comes with responsibility. Power – income; Responsibility – Investment/wealth generation. We miss larger picture by focusing on smaller things. Career & wealth accumulation are major things that needs to be concentrated for long run. But from schooling to graduation our education system keeps us unaware of the both.

Then, how to neutralize the flaws in education system? Simple. Self-learning. But what and how should we be self-taught. How to get a picture of what is missed out? Answer is getting exposure through necessary means – books, Internet and/or listening to elders. Disappointingly, we consider way above the elders and their suggestions on life. Reading books is so uncool. Internet consists of couple of sites – Facebook, YouTube and Gmail.

God save this generation.

Wedding invitation and a wannabe InfoSec guy

On crossing 25 years, there is a regular stream of wedding invitation coming along my way through Whatsapp, Facebook events & messenger and emails as well. These invitataions will be usually from well-known people and a few come in a way from people who I hardly knew. They might known me or simply human error. These latter ones do light up a curiosity within me. And guess what would I be feeling if the sender is Chandrika?

Mail from Chandrika do need specail attention, isn’t it? But who is Chandrika. Even I don’t know. What matters is, the sender a girl! With high curiosity driving me, cursing my ISP for poor coverage I opened my gmail in basic html version (yea, it sucks). Below is the text from the mail.

Sender Name: rama swamy

email : chandrika#########@####,com

Dear friends,
Through marriage we are given the gift of a new beginning, a new family and a new life. The day has come for me to start a new innings in my life.
It gives us, Ram and Dharini , immense pleasure to invite you  to join us at the celebration of our Wedding ceremony on May 22nd and reception on May 24th 2015.
We would be delighted and honored if you could make it and be a part of joyous celebrations. Kindly consider the attached card as a personal invitation.
Please grace the occasion with your presence and blessings.
Looking forward to see you there.
And there is invitation attached as well. On opening, gmail shouts Can’t open this kinda file!! But what happen to gmail, unable to open the picture. On downloading the file noticed that its not jpeg but one with .bin as extension. What the fuck? Is this new way of attack? What will happen on downloading/opening the file? And few more questions clouding inside me. The ISP that I cursed came to rescue this time, took a long time to download 900kb file (Thank you, Docomo!) Cancelled the download.
Rolled back my sleeves. Came across infections in Windows but Ubuntu cannot be compromised. Let’s do it. Went back to gmail tab, downloaded the file and opened Virus total and Metascan thanks to Lifehacker for introducing me to the sites. Meanwhile, the file got downloaded. Quickly uploaded the file to the above mentioned sites. Paranoid inside me went on and checked the privileges of the file. Not executable. Good. Big sigh.
Now, the file got uploaded and scan got completed. The following is the result from Virus total and meta scan. All positive. Surprised. Went back staring into the file. Preview showed some invitation. On changing the extension to jpg from bin, ended up with a scanned copy of invitation.*Bummer*. This is the file I am talking about. So, this evening I had a false alert. And was smiling inside.
Totally different experience. But good one.