Political Conundrum & infoSec bleep

In TN, ever since the demise of former CM Jayalalitha, people are actively listening to news and understanding the political affairs.The surprise is the age group(18-35) which were drifted away from political spectrum until recent times, started following the day-to-day affairs. Even the Amit media paid attention after a massive protest in marina. The protest involving more than Million people, was organized through the Social media – Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.

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Self imposed challenges for ’17

Usually the New Year’s resolution will be maximum of one thing and I fail to keep up to it, will be defeated in week or 2. It never worked for me. So, this time I’m changing it into challenges. This is more of a bucket list than challenges. Hope these will be fulfilled at the en of year.

  1. Learning Spanish. Should be able to understand Spanish spoken around me.
  2. One per month, should able to complete 12 in this year. No restrictions on genre, type or author. Magazines don’t count as books.
  3. Having meal for 3 times a day, regularly.
  4. Getting good with driving.
  5. Successfully completing 4 courses through MOOCs.
  6. Should switch employer. Switch criteria should not be salary alone.
  7. Should take part at least 2 social meet up either for language, ethnicity or technology.
  8. Should populate the journal on daily basis.
  9. Should deploy 3 projects this year in Github. Preferrably based on courses that I attend.
  10. Should enroll in a gym and fitter than 2016.
  11. Restricting number of movies to 3 per week. Also, only one new series can be started for the year.
  12. Educating parents on technology and making them comfortable with video calling and messaging.

Very happy new year!

Tracking mself

Quoting Drucker again,

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

I infer that if I don’t measure my everyday movement, I cannot improve myself. After all, improvement is nothing but doing better than your past.

In the name of simplification, I am about to categorize my entire life into 3 divisions – financial, online and personal life. The division was made such a way that no part of my day-to-day activity I left out. So, it’s very important to define their boundaries.

Financial life – In the past I’d tried quite a few things – simple note book, excel file, mobile app, online services. But for retrieval of older data and easier data, I’m picking the excel file again; synced to Dropbox thereby I can work on it from my home and work machine. The measuring is done through 2 stages – weekly and monthly spending. I tried making it to daily but it just becomes a boring activity. Also, weekly tracking makes me to preserve the bills, which is a new habit for me. Monthly spending ensures that my weekly entries are valid.

Online life – this one’s tricky and it could end up embarrassing me (you know what I mean :P). However, to get rid of not so good habits I need to see when and how often I’m indulging it. Here’s another road block. Should I take my browser history as a log? A big no. As the not-so-good-habit goes through the incognito mode. To mitigate this data loss, I’m going to install key-logger in my system. I know it’s not a wise thing to do and potentially this could be haunting me. Considering the  good thing that I’m going to reap, the risk is worth taken. Also, to get it more effective usage of office machine for personal purpose must be reduced. Again, this could increase productivity in my work place. Win-win! Yet, I am not sure how to track myself when using mobile. Still working on it.

Personal life – this one is most important of all, at lease I see so. Only way to achieve this is through writing down all my daily activity in a dairy. This habit must be followed religiously so as to record myself. In past years I failed miserably. Longest stretch that I ever achieve is 6.5 months, in 2016. But in the upcoming year, it should be pushed forward so as to reach the 12 year mark.

Unless other projects, this one don’t carry any deadlines or rational end point. I need to review after a full month to see how things are going on.